Инструкция конвой сп 10

инструкция конвой сп 10
They are described as follows: Close column provides the greatest degree of convoy control. It is characterized by vehicle intervals of 25 to 50 meters and speeds under 25 mph. Figure 5-6. Distance and Time Factors 5-28. Distance factors are expressed in kilometers or miles. The prime mover, towing the test articles, will be 50 meters behind the first vehicle and will be driven by a member of the USAFO Test Force. Time lead is the time between individual vehicles or elements of a convoy, measured from head to head, as they pass a given point. The CCN identifies the convoy during its entire movement. It is placed on both sides of each vehicle in the convoy. Requests may be prepared manually or through TC-ACCIS. 5-32. Requests for convoy clearance are submitted on DD Form 1265 or on a theater movement bid. A special hauling permit (DD Form 1266) is used to request permission to move oversize/overweight vehicles on public roads.

The following eight items must be shown on the strip map: Start point. Road space is the length of a convoy plus any additional space added to the length to avoid conflict with leading and following traffic. Одному из исполнительных документов присваивается первый номер, а остальным — последующие порядковые номера с указанием количества экземпляров. При этом содержание протокола должно соответствовать требованиям ст. 259 УПК Российской Федерации, ст. 229 ГПК Российской Федерации.

Постановление об изъятии оружия и боеприпасов выносится органами внутренних дел. The pacesetter leads the convoy on the proper route. The last vehicle following the prime mover by 50 meters will be a security vehicle with emergency flashers on and one member of the USAFO Test Force aboard. The articles will be towed behind a truck with a pindle hook hitch. However, all requests should later be confirmed in writing. Use an enlarged strip map (a blackboard drawing or other drawing) to explain details of the route.

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