Арпітол инструкция

арпітол инструкция
Styled in the familiar AR configuration, it’s a no-nonsense rifle you can trust with anything—including your life. The pistol, which can be carried disassembled in a variety of ways dictated by the level of security and concealment required, is unique in this category of takedown AR platform. The piston can be accessed through the front of the gas block without removing the handguard so optical sights or laser devices do not need to be zeroed after routine maintenance.

The carrying case design allows for multiple arrangements as well as storage for two 30-round magazines, ammunition and optics, which, depending upon size and mounting position, can be left attached to the pistol’s upper receiver. The CDR-15 is a finely crafted takedown AR-15 that, in its new pistol version, allows for any accessory buildup desired, from basic BUIS mounted to the integrated Picatinny top rail, to optics, and tactical lights and lasers, which can be affixed to the takedown barrel’s removable handguard rails. This allows the handguard, rails and any attached accessories to be slipped off the barrel assembly. For accuracy, I opted to keep all tests confined to this protocol, rather than going off-hand and engaging targets at varying distances. For the CDR-15 Pistol, the upper and lower receivers are machined from 7075 T-6511 billet aluminum for strength and a light overall weight, with the pistol averaging 5.2 pounds with an empty magazine.

The SIG516 features an ambidextrous selector, bolt release, magazine release and charging handle. The bolt is designed specifically for use in the piston operated REC7, not just adapted from a direct gas bolt. Add a few more seconds for clearing the gun and (for assembly) removing the components from the carrying case and you are still at about 30 seconds. The Micro H-1 has unlimited eye relief and 12 adjustable brightness settings for the red dot (in 2 or 4 MOA). In addition, the unit’s caps that cover the adjustment knobs can be used to adjust the sights. No tools required, not even the edge of shell case.

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