Мультимедиа ситроен с4 2005г инструкция

мультимедиа ситроен с4 2005г инструкция
После ТО 20 000км, на следующий день, выгнало масло из картера двигателя, пришлось срочно возвращаться из Хельсинки. Page 45 C O M F O R T VENTILATION Air circulation Optimal comfort is obtained by a good distribution of air in the front and the rear of the passenger com- partment. To ensure efficient operation, take care not to obstruct the air outlets located under the front seats. This display indicates normal ope- rating. A flashing of «OIl» indicates an oil level that is below the minimum. The belt retracts automatically when not in use. Page 121 M A I N T E N A N C E PETROL ENGINES They give access for checking the levels of the various fluids and the replacement of certain items. Setting a cruising speed/ Increasing the value memorised.

Ensure that all doors and the boot are closed. Trim levels are denoted by a small badge on the rear window frame on the VT/VTR+ and Airdream+ and by a small chrome badge on each front door on Exclusive models. Seat belt height adjustment Holding the seat belt (5-door model) (3-door model) The correct positioning for the seat Raise then lock partA, to retain the belt anchorage is mid-shoulder seat belt buckle when it is unfas- height. Ходовка жестковата… Эля Иванова 21.12.2016 1 комментарий 6 Citroen C4 1.6 MT 2013 г. 4.8 Выбирал по внешнему виду. Page 69 V I S I B I L I T Y LIGHTING CONTROLS They go out as soon as the light Guide-me-home lighting is once again sufficient or approx. Для автомобиля, оборудованного шестиступенчатым автоматом эти цифры составят: 8,8л, 5,3л и 6,6 литра на сотню соответственно.

Жалею что не купили Флюенс. Не покупайте данный авто проходите мимо. Page 112 D R I V I N G Operation in Sport or Snow automatic mode Select the driving mode: — Normal, for regular use, the warning lamps S and  are not illuminated. — Sport, for more responsive driving, to provide maximum performance and acceleration. Page 60 C O M F O R T INTERIOR REAR VIEW MIRROR STEERING COLUMN ADJUSTMENT Automatic photochromic interior rear view mirror Manual interior mirror Both the height and reach of the This provides an automatic and pro- steering wheel can be adjusted.

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