Инструкция телефона samsung galaxy s5

инструкция телефона samsung galaxy s5
You can control it by waving and other gestures thanks to this sensor. When you’re downloading an app or media file, you’ll see this icon.New email message. What does that have to do with the USB port?

When you insert it, make sure the gold-colored contacts face down.WarningDon’t put a microSD memory card into the slot for the SIM card—it’s easy to confuse them. If you do that accidentally, don’t force it back out. You can change it by moving any of the squares that define the crop. The Home screen usually fills up first, so consider adding the widget to a different pane.Home screen settingsTap this, and you won’t get much to choose from. You can also turn off Locked mode entirely. Drag the doomed item to the trash can. When you turn the phone into a mobile hotspot, this icon appears.Airplane mode.

This simple gesture is how you press onscreen buttons, place the cursor for text entry, and choose from menus. And as you’ll see later in this chapter, you can even control scrolling by moving your eyes. (You’ll learn all about these tricks later in this chapter on Flick.)Fingerprint. You can also tap one of the square icons at the bottom of the screen to move from screen to screen. Get to know this icon—it shows you how much battery life you’ve got left. This symbol indicates that you’ve set your Galaxy S5 to vibrate when you get a call.TTY symbol. From left to right, here’s what they do.TipDon’t like the elusive behavior of the touch keys?

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