Digitest ii инструкция

digitest ii инструкция
You will find some of the standard positioning devices for O-Rings and tubes further down this page. This progressive stimulus produces a pulpal response well below the pain threshold. The digital readout remains visible for 14 seconds. Sign-up and one of our professional service experts will contact you to perform a Network Survey to show you how Tollgrade can support your specific needs today. The device turns itself off after 5-6 minutes of inactivity. Here are three good reasons why having the Digitest II™ is a smart move:REASON 1: Your patients won’t say «OUCH!» The trick when testing pulp vitality is to trigger a response from a vital tooth without hurting the patient.

The Hysteresis property of a component can be checked using the IRHD Micro hardness measuring head. The super testing space allows the user to perform the hardness tests even on finished products. Packaged in a compact and environmentally hardened chassis, DigiTest EDGE offers various configurations to provide a complete suite of POTS, DSL and DS1 testing. Want to Know What Access Network Test Product Is Right For You? We Can Help. Automatic Shore and IRHD Hardness Testing Machines: Model Digitest II The Digitest II is modular machine which consists of a measuring, pick up bracket, test stand and measuring unit.

The electronic unit automatically recognizes the measuring head which is attached to pick up bracket. Simply turn the intensity knob higher or lower to control the strength of the electrical signal delivered to the tooth. The Digitest II comes with four different styles-standard Long and Short, and precision Labial and Lingual. The machine is maintenance free and has a very long life. It is ideal for quality control labs, Production lines as well as research and development establishments. It is a very versatile and accurate machine.

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