Видеомикшер sony mvs-3000a инструкция

видеомикшер sony mvs-3000a инструкция
Page 81: Key Snapshots Set the following parameters. For each of the banks, you can display the transition rate, Press the [TRNS SEL] button in the memory recall independent key transition rate and fade-to-black section. The transition progresses as far as the set pattern limit. Select the device. VTR/Disk Recorder/Extended VTR Carry out any of the following operations as required.

Page 153: Specifying An Edit Point Selection screen for regions assigned to buttons in • To move the edit point to a specified timecode, press the the memory recall section [GOTO TC] button, then enter the timecode value, and press the [ENTR] button to confirm. To enter a diffe. Press it to go back to that page. Press the [Shutdown] button on the bottom right to shut down the control panel. Thanks to this generous standard specification, there are just two hardware options – internal 3D Effects and high quality Format Conversion. You can press more than one button at the same time. You can specify the DME wipe direction (normal/reverse). Basic Procedure for DME To specify the DME wipe direction in a menu Wipe Settings Open the M/E-1 >DME Wipe >Edge/Direction menu (1164). Page 96 Setting the DME wipe position (Positioner) In the group, press [Crop], turning it on.

Page 39: Power Supply And Connectors Enter the page number for the menu you want to To change the button color register. You can also convert the format of image data in frame memory into a different format and save it in an external device. Each M/E bank has 4 keyers, with the first two keyers including a 2.5D resizer that can resize, reposition and x-rotate or y-rotate the image. Target bank Target data Target bank Target keyer and data M/E -1… Page 125: Misc Menu Operations The status area shows lists for the copy/swap source on Port Settings for Control from an the left, and the copy/swap destination on the right. Model MVS-3000A zapewnia wszystko, czego można spodziewać się po mikserach z serii MVS, a poza tym jest niewielki, elegancki i przystępny cenowo. The right list is for selecting the action.

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