Инструкция для лего оружие

инструкция для лего оружие
Боевой набор включает новое оружие для Коула, игровые карточки, минифигурки Коула и скелета, а также множество аксессуаров. For example, you may have more than one builder, or divide roles between builder and project promoter. To do this, you must follow these Collaboration Guidelines: Receive explicit permission from the other LEGO builder to include their original work in your project. Steer clear of “hand-drawn” computer artwork from basic drawing programs. If you don’t have the right LEGO bricks for your project, try using LEGO Digital Designer to build virtually. These files can be easily opened/viewed/printed using Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader software. Accounts are meant for people, so please don’t create “team” or group accounts. If you wish to have multiple people working on one LEGO Ideas Project, please see the Guidelines for Collaborative Projects. You will be welcome to resubmit your project, however you will lose any supporters you had previously.

Потом размести пилота в кабине истребителя, убери посадочное оборудование и взмывай в небо. You may include your own photos or drawings of real-world objects for reference, as long as your cover image and project artwork also contain a brick-built model representing your concept. Repeated or severe violations will result in suspension or ban from LEGO Ideas. They will be available for free only for a limited time until we compile the inventory to start selling kits, so grab yours now by clicking here!08.01.2015 The BrickGun PPK is now available! Based on the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System® (NES) gamepad controller from the 80’s. Just like all BrickGun designs, our 8-bit Controller model is life-sized and contains as many details as are possible with LEGO® bricks. Projects must feature an assembled model, we do not accept submissions with only loose LEGO pieces, such as parts or accessory packs.

You may propose a similar idea to someone else—and that’s OK—as long as what you’re proposing already exists in the world. Скидка 18% Конструктор LEGO Star Wars 75171 Битва на Скарифе Отправляйся выполнять дерзкое задание по розыску совершенно секретных чертежей «Звезды смерти», которые спрятаны в бункере на берегу. You may not use the LEGO logo in your artwork. Instructions and kits are available for sale on our Purchases page and more details can be found on The BrickGun PPK Page.We also have a quick video of the Trigger/Hammer and Magazine in action posted to our Instagram account: 01.25.2015 The BrickGun 8-bit Controller is now on sale! Скидка 23% Конструктор LEGO Star Wars 75165 Боевой набор Империи Залезай в кабину шагохода Империи, заряди пушки и отправляйся на задание: нанеси поражение этим надоедливым Повстанцам. А если тебе понадобится помощь, вызови штурмовиков, вооруженных бластерами.

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