Телефон панасоник кх-т7633 инструкция

телефон панасоник кх-т7633 инструкция
This manual is designed to be used with your Digital Proprietary Telephone and a Panasonic KX-TDA series Business Telephone System. Thank you for purchasing the Panasonic KX-T7600 series, Digital Proprietary Telephone. Digital Proprietary Telephones Quick Reference Guide Model KX-T7625 KX-T7630 KX-T7633 KX-T7636 o C [104. Note: In this manual, the suffix of each model number is omitted.

Flexible Buttons Label Banner area begins from here. Wipe it with a soft cloth. • Do not use any handset other than a Panasonic handset. • Do not disassemble this product. Please ensure that a separate telephone, not dependent on local power, is available for use in an emergency.

Manual/Firmware Please select your country or region. XML API Developers Kit Note : XML API Developers Kit is a self-extracting file. Please read this manual carefully before using this product and save this manual for future use. Typically m/a/c to phones like registering/unregistering etc. can be done through the PBX admin interfaces themselves.

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