Инструкция к игре tomb raider underworld

When this happens a warning icon appears (if you have Helper Buttons enabled in the Game Options menu). Quickly press Interact to grab with both hands; otherwise Lara will fall. On the Wii, shake the nunchuk to do a saving grab. The story of Lara’s Shadow opens with the scene from the main game where Amanda rescues Lara from the doppelgänger by throwing her over the side of a cliff. These are updated throughout the game as the story unfolds. Also used in several of the Combination Moves described below. Обладающий этим молотом получает силу и могущества разрушения, равную силам богов.

Multi-Tool (Wii only) (-) Press Interact when standing near one of the Wii-specific puzzles in the game in order to use the multi-tool. The game then rewinds back in time to a week before the explosion, just after the events of Tomb Raider: Legend. This is a fairly straightforward level that takes place after events in the main storyline. Retrieved 8 December 2009. ^ Tomb Raider Chronicles (15 December 2008). «Classic Outfits Coming To Xbox Live». Tomb Raider Chronicles. Lara orders the thrall to «kill», but the doppelgänger easily destroys it.
Additionally, her hair is no longer braided, but worn in a ponytail. Climbing Ladders W/A/S/DLeft StickLeft StickControl Stick To climb a ladder, just approach it and press the Up direction key or press upward on the left control stick. Уинстон Смит — дворецкий семьи Крофт, служивший им на протяжении многих лет. Не одно поколение его семьи работало у Крофтов.

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