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Finding a Sony Wireless Headset on eBay From any eBay page, click Shop by Category and choose Video Games & Consoles from under the Entertainment subsection. There’s also a toggle between two different sound modes — a flat EQ and a more bass-heavy configuration. Our testing matched up well with the estimate, allowing for a few meaty gaming and film-viewing sessions before needing a charge. Насчет низких частот – их вполне достаточно. Виджет РѕС‚ SocialMart Выводы В рознице аксессуар стоит около 6 000 рублей, можно найти и дешевле, и дороже.

Выбранная линия будет иметь большую громкость, в то время как другая будет слышна на фоне или отключена. Get started by plugging the USB adapter that came with the headset or headphones into the computer. Sony devices usually ship with a default password of 0000. RF and IR Headset Setup Sony’s radio-frequency and infrared headsets operate on a similar scheme to that employed by the Bluetooth versions. Details Sold by: HiDEF Lifestyle Add to Cart $108.00 & FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Поэтому, если тут «играет, как в телевизоре», то это уже хорошо. Аксессуар оснащён boost-режимом (позволяющим увеличить силу баса), кнопкой регулировки звука и включения/отключения микрофона.

Among premium headsets, it’s an entry-level one – but it’s darn good for that.And it’s stellar for films, as well. Connect the appropriate RCA jacks leading to the transmitter to the left and right channels on the TV, stereo, or other device. However, once done, it’s smooth sailing from then on out.As a wireless device, the Gold Headset is also compatible with PC and Mac using the USB adaptor and going through a bit of additional setup on each operating system. Для зарядки используется разъем microUSB, рядом с ним – вход 3,5 мм для подключения аудиокабеля. Choose the Sounds and Audio Devices icon; this may be directly selectable from the Control Panel if using a computer with classic view settings.

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