Nautilus hyosung 5600t+инструкция

nautilus hyosung 5600t+инструкция
Check BIN List D002000Surcharge screen should have been displayedCheck the transaction from the host and try again. Most ATM troubleshooting issues and error codes can be performed by the ATM owner following some simple directions using error codes, balancing instructions or using the proper ATM owner’s manual to detect simple issues like paper jams, cash jams, or as simple as running out of receipt paper. The system incorporates Nautilus Hyosung modular component architecture designed for high reliability, quick and easy service and accessibility. Enhanced Security Security is essential with any ATM and especially for cash dispensers with a large cash capacity.

844.847.1748 Payment Alliance International | 2101 High Wickham Place, Suite 101 | Louisville, KY 40245. ATM Sales & Processing: 888-959-2269 ATM Troubleshooting can be broken down into two categories. MoniManager’s remote control feature helps minimize cost by remotely managing ATMs without human intervention.

Please try again.For assistance call 1-877-HYOSUNG (496-7864)Current date and time: Retail ATMsNH 2700T Barring credit issue, we will ship within 72 hours. For added intrusion and fraud security, the 5200 offers a camera-ready fascia, optional anti-skim EMV reader and support for Transport Later Security (TLS) network encryption protocol. Enhanced physical protection includes a reinforced cash tray and heavier metal plating.

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