Nri g13 инструкция

nri g13 инструкция
The coin validator has a general inhibiting pin, PIN 6, (see connector diagram), which when set on HIGH (+5Vdc, +12Vdc.) completely inhibits the coin validator, hence each coin inserted would always be rejected. The adapter can also be used to have one extra input and output for the CASH-Interface2, e.g. to be used with the photo booth system. Set the price of the single credit and the relevant two bonus thresholds. The devices are disabled until the software activates them. The communication with the PCB is still carried out according to parallel procedure, as per the X00 version. The coin validator polls and replays to the PC in RS232 protocol standard communication.

Установите монетосборник, а также при необходимости защитные накладки, кнопку возврата монет и пр. The interface is monitoring six channels + power supply. Download CASH-Interface2 software version This software package includes: Manual, example project for Delphi incl. sourcecode. Accepts up to 59 different coins or tokens. With the X10 is the coin mechanism the one managing the selling prices and issuing a clean signal, as soon as the inserted values has reached the prices (max 2) fixed and stored into the coin mechanism. The same general principle has been chosen to be implemented on this special version that allows the management of a number of coin values higher than 6Six thank to exploitation of the contemporaneous enabling of several out put lines.

When the dip is «ON» position the relevant channel in inhibited, whereas when is in «OFF» position, which is to say is placed on the number size, is enabled. The goods will be delivered ex our factory warehouse or CIF. At the end of the warranty period the service center will remain at your disposal. Selecting the wished signal as per above reported class 1 and 2. Select the pulse duration, whose range is included between 10 and 2,000 mSecs.

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