Принтер hp 3005 инструкция

принтер hp 3005 инструкция
The engine controller renews the information in the prescribed timing and reads or writes it from or to the memory tag. Figure 5-42 Removing the gear assembly (3 of 3) Pull the gear assembly straight away from the device. NOTE The spring (callout 4 in Figure 5-43 Reinstalling the gear assembly on page 110) is not attached to the gear-assembly plate or to the large gear. For Windows 2000 and Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit), download the PCL 5 driver from /go/LJP3005_software. Line up the round peg with its hole. Remove the new print cartridge from the bag.

Figure 5-33 Removing the power supply (3 of 5) ENWW High-voltage power supply… Page 118 Remove two screws (callout 5) from the ribbon-cable protector (callout 6) and then lift the protector out of the device. Often you have to wiggle the fuser a bit from side to side to remove it. This could cause a jam. Do not close the front door when the device is printing. Keep the paper below the height tabs on the paper-length guide in the rear of the tray.

See the getting started guide for installation instructions. The notch will click into place as you apply pressure. Принтер HP LaserJet P3005DN Купить HP LaserJet P3005DN — сетевой принтер Duplex, формат А4, 1200 dpi, скорость печати 33 стр/мин. Page 104: Laser/scanner Laser/scanner Remove all covers (see Covers on page 69). Release one tab (callout 1) on the air duct, and then lift the air duct out of the device. Figure 5-7 Removing the top, right cover Slide the cover to the rear, and then lift the cover off of the device. Click here to order the set of gears or you can call us at 866-352-7108. Prev Next.

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