Инструкция alpine cha-s624

Once it begins to come off at the bottom, you can pull it straight off exposing the two torx screws. Anyone tried the MirrorLink tech or connecting Android phone to the unit? Jarnail_DUnregistered guest Posted on Tried, Kamikazi’s suggestion but no luck, I’m getting a new deck, hopefully that fixs the problem. Had the same problem and called Wo Kee Hong the Agents in Singapore and they confirmed that the local sets are without RDS and there is no way of enabling it. KamikaziUnregistered guest Posted on I am having exactly the same problem as Jarnail_D in my accord. I was driving along and all of a sudden the display showed EEE but was still playing the CD…I pressed the radio button and then tried to switch back but it just wont work.

Kai’s Volvo pushes the envelope for performance of Volvo’s I-5 motor, yet it doesn’t scream its presence as it enters the scene. Jim Stratton New memberUsername: Jim_sNew Orleans, LA United StatesPost Number: 1Registered: Mar-07 Posted on I have been having the same problem as George, who began this thread. So I removed the unit, said a prayer and took it apart. Replace all the mats and vacuum up any wire casings stripped during installs. Hook it into the first part, then stretch it, sliding it into the third notch or so. The spring should have a ring on one end bent away from the rest of the spring, and on the other end a little peg sticking out of a circular bit that has a groove all the way around.
Any clues now to fix it? TIA Steve Borg New memberUsername: Homerun04Post Number: 1Registered: Jun-06 Posted on HELP — I have the same wheel misalignment problem as everyone else. I have repaired 3 times now, only to have problem re-occur. When I would miss a turn, I would almost always have to pull over to allow the CD to read and display new headings or routes. Once the screws are removed the panel should pull down. Then I concluded that the «E-06» error code means «mechanical jam», as I observed a lego piece bounce out from under the circuit board!

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