Инструкция к самсунгу гэлакси 3

инструкция к самсунгу гэлакси 3
Can I save my contacts before performing a factory reset? wikiHow Contributor If you have access to the S3, you can backup your contacts to a file or sync them with Google or your Samsung account. How long does the restore process take? wikiHow Contributor The factory restore process should only take a few minutes to complete. Please enter the Captcha on the left and click You must fill this phrase to prove you are a human. You’ll know it’s finished when the Setup program starts. If the phone is taking 20-30 minutes to perform the factory reset, you may need to pull out the battery and start over.

This is the official Samsung Galaxy S III User Guide in English provided from the manufacturer. If you are looking for detailed technical specifications, please see our Specs page. Will a factory reset wipe my SD card? wikiHow Contributor No, the SD card will not be wiped. How do I know when to release the buttons if my phone does not vibrate? wikiHow Contributor You don’t need to feel the phone’s vibration to know when to release the buttons. You can safely store items on your SD before doing a factory reset. If you want to take an extra precaution, you can remove it from the phone after you’ve transferred everything you want to keep.

Can I restore my S3 without losing data? wikiHow Contributor You can use Kies or Smart Switch (both from Samsung) on your computer to create a backup of your S3, and then restore that backup after resetting the device. Why does the «Custom OS» warning appear whenever I start my phone? wikiHow Contributor This is caused by a physical malfunction with your volume buttons. Samsung Galaxy Tab — серия интернет-планшетов южнокорейской компании Samsung на базе свободной операционной системы Android. Resetting your device will wipe all your personal internal storage.

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