Bluetooth гарнитура schuberth c3 pro инструкция

bluetooth гарнитура schuberth c3 pro инструкция
Thus, you are not locked into buying another Schuberth SRC to talk to your passenger, but could use an existing set for that. Cardo «Click-to-Link» capability, which can be switched on to allow for spontaneous intercom pairing and communication with any nearby SRC that also has the system switched on. You may also disconnect the existing connection by ending a call operation function (refer to the user’s manual of the headsets for voice dialing, redialing, and ending a call). Was this article helpful? 0 out of 0 found this helpful. The SRC collar easily swaps with the stock S2 neck roll, although fitting the SRC to the C3 Pro requires deft hands and a lot of patience, as we and many others have discovered.

АртикулINTERPHONEF5XTRTP ПроизводительInterphone Подробнее об этом товаре Распродажа Набор Переговорное устройство SCALA RIDER Q1 Powerset 304 € 434 € $348 $497 20 939 руб. 29 913 руб. 5 046 грн. 7 209 грн. $189 $270 168 € 240 € 11 566 руб. 16 523 руб. Had to go back to a service point already twice for a bad connection of speakers. After a few kilometers it becomes a security issue as well. АртикулUSBCHXT25 ПроизводительInterphone Подробнее об этом товаре Видеообзор Интегрированная система связи для Schuberth C3, 50-59 676 € $773 46 531 руб. 11 214 грн. $420 374 € 25 702 руб. Click here for the Helmets & Headsets Compatibility List.

Since it’s a full-face helmet, the neck roll on the S2 is one piece and easily removable by simply pulling it away from the helmet shell, starting at the front or back. Honestly. I thought the SRC was junk, didn’t like my UClear, hated my old Chatterbox back in the day. You’re almost never going to get the claimed range for intercoms or two-way radios unless you’re riding on a flat desert.

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