Инструкция генератора бг-30-4

инструкция генератора бг-30-4
Starter MotorLubrication and cleaning of the starter drive pinion is advisable ii access to the starter permits its easy removal. Fresh Water Cooling System The use of a 50-50 solution of antifreeze and fresh water is recommended for use in the fresh water cooling system year round. Дизель-электростанция позволяет добиться надежности подачи электричества, например, в больницах, банках, образовательных учреждениях. Change the element in your primary fuel filter/separator if it contains one, and/or clean the separator sediment bowl.

Many owners rely on their boat yards to winterize their engines or generators for them, while some owners prefer to accomplish this task themselves. Insure that you have the proper hardware to replace the sealing washers for the injectors and return line connections. Place the end of this hose into a 5-gallon bucket of clean fresh water.

Remove and replace the oil filter; place some paper towels and a plastic bag around the filter to catch the oil while removing it. Check for leaks.Fuel SystemTop off your fuel tanks with #2 diesel fuel. However, if you anticipate a longer lay- up period (12 months +), please follow through with this procedure. It will prevent the adhering of the piston rings to the cylinder walls. Комплектация АД 30: В стандартной комплектации предусмотрен двигатель ММЗ Д-246.1 (ММЗ Д-243) со стартером, генератор синхронный, встроенная емкость для ДТ на 150 л, газовыхлоп без глушителя, фильтрация в системе впуска, рама, система охлаждения на основе водяного радиатора, вентилятора. Controls and LinkageCheck the security of control connections to the engine and transmission.

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