Инструкция к адаптеру для

инструкция к адаптеру для
Total Phase and distributors have no obligation to provide maintenance, support, or updates. Details Both target power pins are controlled together. The function will block for the specified timeout. It will then only report the type of the very first data that has been received. Specific Error Codes Details Pullup (aa_gpio_pullup) int aa_gpio_pullup (Aardvark aardvark, aa_u08 pullup_mask); Change the pullup configuration of the GPIO lines.

Specific Error Codes AA_I2C_ALREADY_FREE_BUS The bus was already free and no action was taken. Optionally, the object may contain a property named params, with subproperties corresponding to adapter parameter names. The keys of the associative array returned are the column names of the table. Using a strong transaction isolation mode such as «repeatable read» can mitigate this risk, but some RDBMS brands don’t support the transaction isolation required for this, or else your application may use a lower transaction isolation mode by design.

Different Rosetta bindings are included with the software distribution on the distribution CD. They can also be found in the software download package available on the Total Phase website. Thus, each bit position in the mask can be referred back its corresponding line through the mapping described below. Oracle does not support auto-incrementing keys, so you should specify the name of a sequence to lastInsertId() or lastSequenceId(). PDO PostgreSQL Specify this Adapter to the factory() method with the name ‘Pdo_Pgsql’. This Adapter uses the PHP extensions pdo and pdo_pgsql. Free bus (aa_i2c_free_bus) int aa_i2c_free_bus (Aardvark aardvark); Free the Aardvark I2C subsystem from a held bus condition (e.g., «no stop»). Arguments aardvark handle of an Aardvark adapter Return Value An Aardvark status code is returned that is AA_OK on success. The SPI is full-duplex so there must be enough buffer space to accommodate the slave response when sending as a master.

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