Dantherm danx 3/6 инструкция

dantherm danx 3/6 инструкция
DanX HP:With double cross-flow heat exchanger and heat pump. Installation costs are kept to an absolute minimum. All components of the DanX units ensure high capacity and a long service life. Double cross flow heat exchangers deliver up to 95 % heat recovery combined with low-energy EC fan motors.

All DanX systems are supplied with a control package, which takes demand management to a new level. The ultra-compact units are delivered fully assembled, with built-in after heating coil and control system. High-efficiency compressors ensure the lowest possible operating costs. В осушителях DANTHERM используется конденсационный метод удаления влаги. The VA-M40MKII Warm Air Heater is a transportable unit, developed primarily to provide heating in tents or temporary, transportable buildings. The system allows up to 100 % outdoor air supply.

Appropriate fuels are supplied by the fuel hose assembly which may be connected to external jerry cans or drums. Based on years of experience and on-going development, the control strategy has been optimized specifically for Dantherm swimming pool units. The unit will operate effectively on almost all diesel fuels. View our selection of DanX ventilation units and range of accessories below. The unit is designed to be placed outside the tent, with supply and return air ducted to the tent.

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