Syma s033g инструкция

syma s033g инструкция
This is one great helicopter. I have changed the main rotor blades. This usually means that the swashplate needs to be leveled. To start reset all the trims except the throttle(throttle trim should always be down) to the center postion. Keep in mind that these are not fast helicopters. Shipping and handling charges for all orders are non-refundable, as we have paid the Post Office to send the shipment and the Post Office will NOT refund the postage cost back to us after they processed the shipment. After the batteries where fully charged I decided to try my hand as a test pilot. I started the motors, and took off.

Solder the new battery in place. If you do not have a soldering iron, you can cut the wires from the old battery with enough slack to attach the new battery. Mode 2 is the most commonly used configuration in the North America, Europe, Africa, and Australia. If you can not download directly through the link, try through your app menu «open in other app» or «open with browser», then open this page in your browser and download. Most of the models we carry on our site only come with 1 connect buckle, this is by design from the factory.

Motors often wear out after use and if your helicopter has decreased power, it is usually caused by worn out motors that need to be replaced. Many of our models only come in one frequency so they will not be able to fly together at the same time. 14. My helicopter keeps wandering in circles or has the «Toilet Bowl Effect». How do I fix this? Batteries should never be swollen or hot. If they feel puffy or get extremely warm the battery is damaged and needs to be replaced.You should also check the voltage to make sure it is within specs. To check the battery you must use a voltage meter. 11 entries Subscribe to our newsletter would like to store information (cookies) on your computer. By continuing to use this site, you consent to this. Flight times have increased by about 5 mins.

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