Инструкция на emerson icom

инструкция на emerson icom
The Cascade function operates in Teamwork Mode 1 only. When all ID numbers of the UNIT CODE are entered user must select A008 to “Send and Execute Unit Code” then verify parameter code A011 for a “VALID” status. If UNIT CODE is missing or lost the unit will not start until the correct code is entered and saved. This recalculated content value is compared to the content control band that is determined by the: • Programmed temperature set point • Programmed humidity set point in %RH • Programmed humidity proportional band in %RH This automatic adjustment results in a predictive humidity control response. Pin 3 Completes the DC source to the digital ground.

The fan must be on to operate loads in this mode. The displays will provide the System and Unit views The end user can also select from dark background with white text or light background with dark text. Proportional + Integral (PI) Control The PI control combines two (2) individual terms to determine the control output for a given set of conditions.

The temperature controller deactivates the second cooling stage, lag compressor unloaded, when the return air temperature decreases to 25% of the cooling proportional control band value. Autoflush Control for Infrared Large (IFL) or Small (IFS) Pans The Autoflush Water-Level Control software program is an integral part of the infrared humidifier system. The ability to prevent the units fighting is included in this feature. The sheets in the back of this manual will allow the service technician to understand and be able to enter this unit code manually if necessary through the control panel and the FACTORY SETTINGS parameter. The operational functions of the components are displayed with an icon and a bar graph to indicate to amount of the required function. Example: Netmask IP = 6d. The Unit to Unit (U2U) address must be programmed in the necessary order for setup.

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