Hitachi starboard инструкция

hitachi starboard инструкция
Page 34: Basic Operations Of The Electronic Pen StarBoard FX-DUO-77 How to Use 2.2.3 Basic Operations of the Electronic Pen In the default setting of the electronic pen, the pen tip button is set to emulate the left click button of a mouse. Use by clicking the middle of the symbol with your pen or finger. Store this User’s Guide nearby for ease of reference. FXE1-ML120901… Page 2 Also, the company makes no warranty as to the product’s suitability, merchantability or fitness for a particular intended use. Numbers in the diagram correspond to numbers in the parts list on page 1-3. Page 27: Equipment Connection Method StarBoard FX-79E1/89WE1 Introduction 1.4.3 Equipment Connection Method Before Starting to Connect Equipment Install the StarBoard Software on your PC before starting to connect equipment. Other than the above Contact a support center.

Customer Technical Support and Downloads 800-HITACHI was established to give our U.S. customers easier access to Hitachi products and service information. Page 36 StarBoard FX-DUO-77 English… Page 37: Appendix StarBoard FX-DUO-77 Appendix 3. Appendix 3.1 Troubleshooting Before assuming the product is broken, be sure to check adjustments, proper handling procedures, the possibility of faulty cable connections, etc. Refer to page 2-4 in this User’s Guide for details. (2) Side buttons Operations such as right click and scrolling can be assigned to these buttons. Page 38: Product Warranty Policy StarBoard FX-79E1/89WE1 Appendix 3.4 Product Warranty Policy 1. During the free warranty service period, if a malfunction occurs during normal use, the malfunction will be corrected without charge, according to the provisions of the warranty.

After making adjustments, check that input can be performed normally. Этот список может пригодиться, если вы захотите удалить пакет StarBoardSoftware. Page 2 Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation (U.S.) and in other countries. Services provided by 800-HITACHI (800-448-2244) Hours of Operation Service & Repair Owners Guide & Self-Help Drivers & Software Info. Page 24 StarBoard FX-DUO-77 Introduction [2] Install the board CAUTION Be sure to use two or more people for this work. Improper work m ay result in death or personal injury due to the product falling during operation.

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