Инструкция мотора меркури 50

инструкция мотора меркури 50
A compact, single-overhead-cam design and long piston stroke give Mercury 40 — 60hp FourStroke outboards more low-end torque for excellent acceleration, even when pushing a heavy load. Electric motor controls help provide reliable motor operation and long life, and they can provide overload protection and control for 1 or a group of motors. Замену конического подшипника и обоймы всегда производить только в комплекте, а не по отдельности. Combination motor starters can provide advanced protective features including anticycling, manual/auto reset, phase sequence, phase loss, and stall and locked rotor protection.

With too little trim, the bow rides too low. Pump-jet[edit] Pump-jet propulsion is available as an option on most outboard motors. The desmodromic shifting is ultra-smooth. A gearcase that sits deeper in the water, a bigger prop with 20% more blade surface, and lower gear ratio provide unmatched thrust, maneuverability and boat lift.

Outboard engines made by Briggs & Stratton are air-cooled[19] Closed loop cooling[edit] Outboards manufactured by Seven Marine use a closed-loop cooling system with heat exchanger. The 60 hp Command Thrust matches the acceleration and fuel efficiency of our competitor’s more expensive 70 hp outboard model. Historically, a majority of outboards have been two-stroke powerheads fitted with a carburetor due to the design’s inherent simplicity, reliability, low cost and light weight. Если в масле есть вода, она, возможно, скопилась на дне и выльется раньше масла или может смешаться с маслом, образуя смесь молочного цвета. The ideal trim angle is the one in which the boat rides level, with most of the hull on the surface instead of plowing through the water. If the motor is trimmed out too far, the bow will ride too high in the water.

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