Инструкция принтер hp laserjet 3015

инструкция принтер hp laserjet 3015
Use the fax controls to send and receive faxes and to change commonly used fax settings. See You can change the settings in the device properties to accommodate the types of jobs that you are printing. Setting Color Black and White Grayscale ENWW Recommended use Use this setting for high-quality color photos or documents in which the color is important. The Less paper curl setting in the Service menu sets the fuser temperature to the lowest setting.

Person to contact: Alternate contact: Return shipping address: What is being sent? Colored backgrounds can cause images in the foreground to blend into the background. Page 114: Copy Defects Are Apparent, Vertical White Or Faded Stripes, Blank Pages 1 ● The tape might not have been removed from the print cartridge. This style is more likely to wrinkle during printing.

This equipment cannot be used on telephone company-provided coin service. The print media type and the amount of toner used affect the output bin capacity. Selecting this option extends the life of the print cartridge and reduces your cost per page, but it also reduces print quality. HP does not recommend the full-time use of EconoMode. Page 155 surge protector TWAIN USB (compatible with 2.0 specifications) watermarks ENWW The sharpness of an image, measured in dots per inch (dpi). The higher the dpi, the greater the resolution. A device that protects a power supply and communications lines from electrical surges. Page 111: Copy Quality Is Unacceptable, Preventing Problems ● If your device frequently feeds more than one page at a time, the separation pad might need to be replaced.

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