Canon 4550d инструкция

canon 4550d инструкция
Page 3 Conventions This User’ s Manual uses the following conventions to alert you to information that will help you operate the printer correctly and safely. First select the zone in the lower-left box of the Chooser in which the printer is setup if any AppleTalk zones exist. You can stack paper in the sheet feeder to load it automatically, or you can manually feed one sheet at a time. Page 95: Clearing Paper Jams Clearing Paper Jams When a paper jam occurs, the power light turns orange and the printer goes off-line.

Select Serial from the pop-up menu next to Connect to:. Select the port to which the printer is connected from the list of ports displayed in the upper-right area of the Chooser. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Page 36 Plug-In Chooser dialog box Use this dialog box to select to which port to send the print data. The print head will make only one pass for each printed line. Click on the red When you exit the printer driver and accept your printing settings by clicking the OK button, the Setup Analyzer (if enabled) checks to see if any of your settings are contrary to the recommended settings. You need not pull it forward to load paper.

Identifying Your Printer Problem… Page 94: General Problems, Using The Super Solver (windows Only) Solver is an on-line troubleshooting guide. It includes questions and answers to most problems you may have. Коды ошибок Canon pixma mx924, mx925, mx926, сброс ошибок. Sign on with your internet ID and password. The contents of a BJ cartridge may leak. You can use these test prints to check the operation of your printer and your print quality. Notes provide advice or suggestions regarding the use of the printer.

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