Canon ixus 220 hs инструкция

Таким образом, камера сперва устанавливает значение диафрагмы, а затем, произведя экспозамер, подбирает под неё выдержку. For the point and shoot brigade the SX220 HS has further easy access pre-optimised modes for portraits and landscapes, along with a kids and pets mode. That said, users don’t have to actually be in movie mode to commence filming — a press of the dedicated recording button lets video capture commence as a handy short cut. A new addition to the shooting mode dial is the Movie Digest option. This captures up to 4-seconds of the action before a shot is taken, then joining all the clips together from the same day into a single VGA movie, which creates a time-lapse movie overview.

The SX220 HS records 1920x1080p Full HD movies at 24fps with stereo sound, making it one of the few compact cameras currently on the market to offer such good quality. Such tediousness seems to go against the ease of use ethos deployed elsewhere in the camera’s operational arsenal. Though the slightly off-centre lens positioning inevitably dominates — the full physical extent of it hidden when the camera is in its dormant state — Canon has positioned a small window for a self timer/AF assist lamp to its top left.
The right hand flank of the camera — if continuing to view it from the back — is where you’ll find HDMI connectivity under a plastic port cover attached via a rather flimsy rubber catch. The on/off button has been moved to the rear of the SX220 HS. Press this and the camera powers up in just over a second, rear LCD bursting into life, zoom extending to maximum wideangle setting and flash popping up nigh simultaneously so the camera is ready for action. Разновидность программного автомата, при котором камера пытается задать такую глубину резко изображаемого пространства, чтобы в ней оказались все найденные датчиками автофокуса точки. Ease of Use At first glance the SX220 HS looks to be from exactly the same mould as its SX210 IS predecessor, but design-wise and operationally it’s not an exact match. The bottom pairing of buttons on the SX220 HS’ back meanwhile are for the self explanatory ‘display’ and ‘menu’; press the former and on-screen shooting information is either turned off or summoned up. The quality is impressive and stands-up on a large screen, something that not all compact cameras can claim.

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