Инструкция по genie gs-3268 rt

инструкция по genie gs-3268 rt
Leveling hydraulic outriggers, Rechargeable electric batteries. Up, Out and Over Capable. Grade ability 50%, Ground clearance 14″. C/W Outriggers that auto level. From the service manual: How easy is that? Height stowed 6’11», Length stowed 18′ 3″, Width 7’6″ Fuel Cap 64.4 Litres. Their compact size and zero tail swing makes them ideal for working in tight areas.Self-propelled scissor lifts are the industry solution for increasing safety and productivity. Genie -Z 60/34 Specs in PDF format Genie -Z 60/34 Range of Motion in PDF format 277-92 Genie Z 80/60 Articulating Boom $1,275.00 $3,825.00 $11,475.00 84′ of reach height, 60′ horizontal reach, Up and Over Clearance 29′. Below ground reach 15′ 10″ 500 Lb. Capacity.

Today, as part of the Terex organization, Genie lift equipment offers groundbreaking design and quality production of man lifts, scissor lifts and boom lifts, and is often the first choice on industrial and construction sites across the globe. Grade ability 25%, Ground clearance 4″, Weight 5211 Lbs. CanLift’s Selection of Genie Lift Equipment CanLift has consistently provided customers with a large selection of top Genie lifts for sale. Weight: 4400 Lbs. TZ 50/30 Specs in PDF format Articulating Booms 277-75 Genie Z 34/22 IC Articulating Boom $400.00 $1,200.00 $3,600.00 40’6″ of reach height, 22′ horizontal reach, Up and Over Clearance 15′. 500 Lb. Capacity. Xtreme 1255 owners manual in PDF format Xtreme 1255 Load handling chart with OR down Accessories 210-83-01 Ground Protection Mat $12.00 $36.00 $144.00 Can be used as temporary roads or walkways supporting up to 80 ton loads. About Genie Lifts Genie man lifts have long been recognized as a global leader.

Please note: Fault Codes showing on ground control can be found starting on page 182 of the Genie Scissor Service and Repair Manual found here or by visiting Genie Service Manuals web page found here. Drive speed stowed 3.5 Mph, Drive speed extended .3 Mph. Comes with Air and Heated Cab Unit weight 10,648 Lbs.

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