Инструкция по everfocus endeavor

инструкция по everfocus endeavor
Biases of 3.61 ms (SDNN) and 9.67 ms (RMSSD) during resting behavior were also not considered reasonable because these values may lead to the misinterpretation of HRV measurements in the context of autonomic control and balance. During recovery period of 14 days, health status, behavior, impact of the transmitter and surgery on the animals, and functionality of the telemetry system were checked four times daily. High values for regression and ICC were found only during resting. Can J Anim Sci (2000) 80:273–80. doi:10.4141/A99-085 CrossRef Full Text | Google Scholar 9. Baymann U, Langbein J, Siebert K, Nürnberg G, Manteuffel G, Mohr E. Cognitive enrichment in farm animals – the impact of social rank and social environment on learning behaviour of dwarf goats.

Even after the postsurgical medication was concluded, body temperature remained constant and did not change over the 15-day observation period. For each individual and behavior, one 5-min segment of IBI data from both ECG and BP signals was selected. A total of 33 5-min segments of IBI from ECG signals and 33 segments of IBI from BP signals provide the basis for all further comparisons. Least-squares means (LSM) and their standard errors (SE) were computed for each fixed effect in the models. If the fixed effect was significant, pair-wise differences of LSM were tested using the Tukey–Kramer correction. Furthermore, Müller and Büttner also illustrated the limitations in the interpretation of ICC (37). The estimates are dependent on the range of the measuring scale; the wider the range, the better the result.

References 1. Malik M, Camm AJ. Heart Rate Variability. Despite the stringent correction threshold of 5% and/or the requirement of missing no more than three consecutive beats, none of the 5-min segments had to be excluded from further analysis. Furthermore, all parameters were analyzed using repeated measurements analysis of variance (ANOVA) according to the MIXED procedure included in SAS. The model included the fixed effects behavior (resting, feeding, and active), signal (ECG and BP) and behavior × signal.

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