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See what’s going on inside ‘black box’ enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle, Exchange and Citrix. Native API Access Xamarin apps have access to the full spectrum of functionality exposed by the underlying platform and device, including platform-specific capabilities like iBeacons and Android Fragments. Getting apps out in the wild, in front of real users, and then iterating fast, is what can make or break companies. Standalone — Delete the AppNamePortable folder to completely remove the app and all its settings. This is the branch that contains Platform 6.0 and by default is called 6.0. $ git checkout 6.0 Pull the 6.0 branch from the upstream repository.

Model and Service Overrides The default Platform extensions use the IoC to resolve model instances. Platform aims to be as unobtrusive to your application as possible, while providing all the features to make it awesome and save you time.The app folder is almost identical to a stock-standard Laravel 5 app folder, with a few registered service providers and preset configurations. Install Platform 7 ships with 2 ways of installation and if required you add your own custom installer. Useful for canceling and retrieving schedules for a specific campaign. start Optional, start time as an ISO 8601 timestamp. This will keep your commit history. $ git merge upstream/5.0 If you have conflicts, you’ll need to resolve them.
Installing a Portable App The easiest way to install an app is to use the Platform’s built-in app store as described above in Downloading a Portable App, as downloading and installing are done automatically in one operation. You won’t need to adapt your applications or your continuous delivery pipeline to get started with Ruxit. It’s just a single command. We do the rest! You control what happens when you send the push separately, by tying each button ID to a specific action. Commit the merge You’re done 🙂 Basics Platform 7 isn’t just a CMS system. It’s a flexible and extensible application which provides a solid base. By default you can quickly get started by managing users, content and your settings. The Name is of course your extension’s main name (f.e. Media or Notifications). Description Your extension’s description. The directory must be writable by the web server.

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