Briggs & stratton 122300 intek инструкция

They wanted to repair my engine for $150! Turned out a valve was sticking open so I had no compression, nothing to do with low oil. One was purchased last year, 2015 and the other one 2014. Both are in shop now because they will not start. I serviced both units, new oil, air filter and spark plugs. They have Ethics!!! MODEL#11AA2BM711. Engine # 9p7020144f1.Helpful?YesNoThis is in regards to a MTD mower with BRIGGS AND STRATTON MOTOR, purchased from WALMART. Also PURCHASED ASURION EXTENDED WARRANTY. The biggest mistakes I have made.

All I can say is I own other units with Honda and Kohler engines which have never had these problems and I will discontinue purchasing Briggs and Stratton engines. This is what you call a Big Rip off on Consumer. I paid over $200.00 for it and you are telling me that I am out of pocket on this. Only a front yard no back. It has about 13 hours of run time on the mower. It blew up the other day and Lowe’s, where I bought it, is saying it brought a rod because of no oil. Briggs and Stratton recommends changing the oil every 25 hours. Briggs is only four and is residential only because they know if they went longer they would be doing numerous repairs. Briggs is not what it once was. If you look at top commercial brand lawn mowers you will not see a Briggs. It usually will be Kohler or Kawasaki. I am now looking at a Kohler 8k standby which BTW has a five year commercial and residential warranty.
New plugs and good gas and still they run like crap. I followed each repair according to technical info for these mowers. I don’t know if it’s cheap parts or what but they are terrible mowers. View Details Commercial grade power, easy starting and reliable performance time after time and year after year. Always check my oil before starting to mow and there were no leaks. Anyway, Briggs and Stratton contacted me this past week and said it was not warranty and it was denied. I spoke with other people and they inform that they had the same problem with Briggs and Stratton engine and showed me picture of the same things. Pour the bag of Oil that came with into the machine, put new gas as well.

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