Инструкция daewoo dw-c700c

инструкция daewoo dw-c700c
Solution 1. Replace the hook lever, if defective. 2. Check SW151 and its related parts : 2-1. Check SMPS 24V output. 2-2. Check D4 anode when SW151 is pressed. D4 anode will be below 3.5V when SW151 is open. Remark The feed clutch spring has 40 turns. A pad is attached to solenoid yoke, the armature angle is 90 degrees. Replace if contaminated severely. 2. Adjust the voltages. 3. Replace if necessary. Before removing any component from the machine, note the cable routing that will be affected. Solution 1. Replace the toner cartridge, if defective. 2. Replace the roller defective. Solution 1-1. Select ‘Thick Mode’ on paper type menu from the software application to print on card stock or transparencies. 1-2. Check the fuser control circuit.

Because of the many pins, cleanliness of the pattern is extremely important after removing an IC. 6. Use care to avoid solder bridges. Remark Others In case of no minus transfer output voltage, image quality may be poor, and background may occur in the printing. Remark Others Samsung Electronics 5-27 Download Service Manual And Resetter Printer at Troubleshooting Error code 2-020 Fault Jam 0 Model ML-xxxx Description 1. Paper is not exited from the cassette. 2. Paper is stopped just after cassette, before feed sensor, or on the feed sensor.

When you replace the part or when troubleshooting, use proper flux and solder which can be cleaned by water. Check 1. Developer cartridge 2. Transfer roller 3. Charge roller Cause 1. Defective develop roller or bad blade of toner cartridge. 2. Defective transfer roller or charge roller. Samsung Electronics 1-1 Download Service Manual And Resetter Printer at Precautions 1-2. Servicing Precautions Note: Requirements for AC power are described on the label affixed to the rear of the printer. Solution 1. Clean the unit thoroughly. If problems still occurs, replace the developer. 2. If the roller is shorter than the recording paper or the roller is severely stained, replace the roller. 3. Clean the contaminated components. Note: When you install a new ROM, be careful for the direction. 2. Remove the ROM cover.

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