Инструкция касио w-211-1

инструкция касио w-211-1
This is for Daylight Savings Time. To change from Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time (DST), press the Search button to choose the city code. Оформить ее вы можете домой или в офис. Setting the Casio World Time Watch Without having a Casio user manual by your side, this short guide explains how to set the local time, world time, alarm, and countdown timer. All of the illustrations in this manual show Module 2879. (Light) Module 2879 • Button operations are indicated using the letters shown in the illustration. • Each section of this manual provides you with the information you need to perform operations in each mode. These include a multi-mission LCD, a world map with multiple time zones and cities, a 10-year battery life, and 100-meter water resistant capabilities.

Pressing «Adjust» turns the alarm on and off the watch. MA0702-EA Operation Guide 2879/2889/3091 About This Manual • The operational procedures for Modules 2879, 2889 and 3091 are identical. Таким образом, вы сможете их сильно затянуть без отклонений от нормы: Болтики по диагонали Проверяем будильник и подсветку: Проверка будильника и подсветки Если все работает, закручиваем остальные шурупы. Then, hold the «Adjust» button for a second to show the DST indicator for that city. To make one of the displayed cities the new home city time, press the Adjust and Light buttons simultaneously. Further details and technical information can be found in the «Reference» section. W211-2AV — Sports | Casio USA Actual colors may vary At the gym or the movies, this digital sport watch with a stopwatch keeps you on track.

Seconds Hour Day of week Day Month Perform this button operation Press C to reset to 00. Press C to increase the setting. The Light button is on the top right, and when pressed, it illuminates the display. To exit from any setting, hit Adjust. The company was founded by Tadao Kashio, who first invented a finger ring that could hold a cigarette. Using the different features of a Casio watch is easy when knowing what the different buttons do.The first thing a Casio user needs to know is what the different buttons on the watch do.

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