Paypal masspay инструкция

The following table lists the countries with currency restrictions and describes the restrictions that apply to Adaptive Payments and Mass Payments. PayPal currency conversion rates apply should the sender or the recipient choose to convert the payments. Each vendor has a dedicated page where they list products, which can be displayed alongside yours on normal shop pages. Файл сертификата можно найти на сайте cURL. Не забудьте изменить путь к сертификату в соответствии с тем расположением, куда вы его загрузили.Ответ на запрос будет в формате NVP, и я его разбил в массив.

You need to be a logged-out Admin, or a logged-in role that is not Admin. To allow vendors register and sell products on your site: Create a page in WordPress at Pages > Add New. That means funds are converted to Israeli New Shekels (for a fee, of course). That’s not terrible, but say that person is actually a US resident, but when he originally created his PayPal account, he was in Israel. Show Vendor Review: Enable to display overall review rating on vendor’s page.
Paying affiliates is done through the Pay Affiliates option under the Manage menu as shown below. Both methods make use of the Mass Payment File format. After you verify that your implementation works correctly in the Sandbox, make sure you have been granted live Mass Pay access. Per Product Shipping is included and built into Product Vendors.

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