Ингенико терминал инструкция

ингенико терминал инструкция
Your Ingenico terminals use a Terminal Capture System (TCS), meaning it stores transactions throughout the day and sends batch totals of sales and refunds after the close of business. Running these terminal reports will not Settle your batch or in any way alter the transactions that have been processed. Compatible with Leading Mobile Operating SystemsThe iCMP connects via Bluetooth to any iOS, Windows or Android smart device. By offering the most advanced payment capabilities, it turns a tablet or smartphone into a mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution. End-to-End mPOS SolutionWhen integrated with ROAM’s mobile commerce platform, the iCMP can provide the mobile card acceptance piece of an end-to-end mPOS solution (including an mPOS application) with an integrated suite of mCommerce management tools and payment processing solutions.

ICT 250 & ML30 This guide will detail how you install and use your ICT250 terminal with ML30 PINpad, including safety information and instructions on transaction processing, printing reports and general maintenance of the terminal. Follow the call menu promptings for Technical Assistance. Make sure the paper feeds from the bottom of the roll. The iCMP meets all payment and security standards: EMV level 1, EMV level 2, PCI PTS 3.1, Visa Ready, PayPass™ 2.1, Visa payWave 2.1.1., Discover Zip. Note: steps may differ slightly if you’re using a separate PIN pad with your terminal.

When finished, replace the paper roll and close the compartment. If the paper advances from the printer but is blank: Make sure you are using thermal-sensitive (not plain) paper. Bluetooth ConnectivityEmbedded Bluetooth technology enables secure and effortless connectivity to smart devices. For other transaction types, please read the Quick Reference Guide (PDF). How to Settle Your Batch of Transactions A settlement operation is used to close out the current batch of transactions and open a new batch. The magic box is the power cord and has two ports to plug in your phone or internet cable. Universal Payment PlatformThe iCMP accepts all payment methods: EMV, chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC/contactless. It is based on Telium 2, Ingenico Group’s highly secure payment platform and is compatible with its worldwide portfolio of payment applications.

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