Volvo s60 2.5t 210hp awd инструкция

volvo s60 2.5t 210hp awd инструкция
Задний ряд- сразу стоит отметить, что там мало места. У меня рост 170, сам за собой помещаюсь с комфортом. Front seating comfort, even with the optional ultra-bolstered sports seats, is good for all sizes of drivers. Вроде цвет очень темный, а слой пыли практически не виден.

Automatic transmission is a $1,500 option on all models. The sedan’s cabin is roomy for this size of car and the sports coupe lacks only headroom to make it truly comfortable. The base TL is priced $7,600 higher than the Accord EX V6, but feels worth the extra money.

The steering telegraphs little road feel to the steering wheel and the boost feels artificial. The car, easily-identifiable as a 3 Series, looks like a Bangle-ized (after Chris Bangle, BMW’s head of design) update of the landmark 1992 third-generation design. The R series is Volvo’s answer to the Mercedes-Benz AMG, and BMW M-Power models. Pricing Adding leather upholstery to the 2.8L CTS (vinyl is standard) brings it to within $2,560 of the 3.6L model.

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